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i wrote a poem
Oh Livejournal,
this could have been a poem of love
of the complete devotion you had from me
back when everyone I knew was here
and there were so many active communities
Sadly, now you seem to suck
I am really missing writers block
and I dont really give a fuck
about ONTD or celebrities
I understand your need for change
but the turn you took was very strange
Oh, LJ how I loved you so
but now you really kind of blow

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This sums up my feelings pretty well. I'm only loyal to LJ now because there are some communities/ users I still love, but MAN LJ seems like a zombie.

I LOVE the community system and the people on here. I love the fact that it holds whatever I decide to post. I like that most of my rl friends aren't on here so I can be totally honest in my posts, and that there's the option to make entries visible only to certain people. (I always have tons of WIPs on private mode so I can keep track of them without showing them to other people.)

LJ is wonderful at its core and in the user run communities, but I feel like their "improvements" are really just mucking stuff up. *sighs* Normally I understand why websites need to change and adapt, but there's a difference between websites like Tumblr and Facebook, which make noticable updates frequently (even if you hate an update, it's usually gone before too long) and LJ which, like you said, just seems like a zombie. I keep waiting for them to switch it up again, and they just haven't. An the new posting option is actually really aggravating.

It's like the website is on autopilot instead of being run by real people who are dedicated to/trying to make a living off of the site.

If I could export everything to one of my Dreamwidth accounts though, I would in a heartbeat.

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