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Current Series in Progress

First Test
Summary: A cursed staff requires the attention of the demon slayers and they have sent their brightest young woman to deal with it. Sango is certain that the mission will be a piece of cake, but the monk who haunts the staff may be more of a handful than she anticipated.
A modern day AU Miroku/Sango drabble series

The Price
Summary: For weeks now, Kagome has been plagued by dreams of a mystery man with silver hair and golden eyes.  A stranger offers to send her five hundred years into the past to meet with the man and save his life.  If she can make him love her within the allotted time, then the spell will become permanent.  If she fails, she will be returned to the modern era and her life will belong to the man who cast the spell.
An AU Sesshomaru/Kagome story

Target Acquired
Summary:This isn't the first time that Inuyasha has been hired to kill someone, but Kagome Higurashi isn't just some stranger.  She's familiar, powerful, and happens to possess a jewel Inuyasha hasn't seen for well over 500 years.  From hitman, to kidnapper, to protector, Inuyasha finds his place in the world shifting and changing as he struggles to understand who she is, and why she is on the hitlist of some very powerful people.

A modern day AU Inuyasha/Kagome story

from the ashes

From the Ashes

Cyprus was only a child when he was left to care for his younger sister in a place filled with starving people. Her death prompts the broken boy to sell his soul in exchange for the chance to rule the country.

Wren was a gift to the young king. His seceret shadow, she has become the ghost of his palace, devoted wholly to him and ignorant to the world outside of the castle walls. What little knowledge she does have is whispered in her ear by a bird who speaks only to her.

When it comes time for Cyprus to pay his toll, Wren sets out on a journey to save him and learns that the outside world is not what she expected.

In a country made of his mistakes, can either hope to find salvation?
Tags: wip list
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