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First Test

Title: A Simple Task
Fandom: Inuyasha
Community: fandomwords100
Challenge: #40-Travel
Bonus: Luggage
Team: Ice
Characters/Paring: Sango
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: A cursed staff requires the attention of the demon slayers and they have sent their brightest young woman to deal with it. Sango is certain that the mission will be a piece of cake, but the monk who haunts the staff may be more of a handful than she anticipated.

Sango unpacked her luggage and looked around the dingy motel room. She had just travelled across the country to perform an exorcism. It was a simple task, but the journey had been tiring, and the destination was unimpressive.

It'll be worth it, the young woman promised herself. Sango had considered it a quest of sorts, a coming-of-age adventure that meant that she was officially a member of the demon slaying community her family belonged to. Whether she passed or failed would define the next few years of her life.

It's only a simple exorcism. How much trouble could it be?