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(no subject)
Wirth the way that my brother currently has his music blasting in the kitchen, you would think that doing dishes was some insurmountable task set before him by the questing gods instead of a common household chore.  DOING THE DISHES DOES NOT REQUIRE A SOUNDTRACK.

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Is it the MT. DOOM of dishes or something?

Haha, well six people constantly snacking in the house DOES lead to A LOT of dishes. It just bothers me because it's such a basic chore and everyone treats it like it's such a big deal.

Hush, naysayer! Soundtracks make everything better!

Yeah, EPIC SOUNDTRACK MUSIC is wonderful, but alas it was not EPIC SOUNDTRACK MUSIC. It was Shadows Fall. If it had been decent music (or if I hadn't been trying to get into the writing zone) I wouldn't have complained. :P

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