lemontreeleaves (lemontreeleaves) wrote,

I love make-up

It isn't just about looking good.  It's a big part of my daily routine.  The act of putting it on makes me feel energized and confident, even if I just sit around on the computer all day and no one actually sees me.

I've been trying to avoid wearing it more than necessary because my eyes have been weird and stinging and flakey and stuff lately and it just leaves me feeling so... blah.  I really can't wear anything until it clears up, but it makes it difficult to do anything because I feel like I missed a big step in my morning routine.

I've been really sulky and ranty lately, and it's because I'm missing my warpaint and my protective layer of glittery stuff.  I don't know how to function without at least doing to basics.  But the basics make my face sting.

The moral of this post is to never underestimate the power of red lipstick.
Tags: personal post, sulky
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